$10,000/mo AdWords Google Grant Application and Setup


Google offers a $10,000/mo AdWords grant to qualifying non-profits and churches now qualify for this grant. This grant allows helps you to compete with others in your local area for target keywords in search results.

Target terms like "good church near me" or "evangelical church in X city or area" or "Christ-centered church," etc.

The application process here is fairly involved and requires the submission of a letter by RBNet confirming that you are part of the network and fall under the RBNet non-profit designation or you may provide your own non-profit EIN if you have one.

The process takes about 3-months for the application to be completed and reviewed and approved.

We then help you set up your AdWords account in compliance with the grant and begin serving your ads.

Should you decide to keep up on retainer after the completion of this grant application and AdWords launch for your local church, we do charge $150/mo to manage, optimize, and report on each AdWords campaign. We typically recommend three such campaigns per church per grant.

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