Landing Page


A landing page or splash page or conversion page or cover page are similar types of web pages designed specifically with the intent to capture interest, engage and cultivate it, and ultimately convert it.

A good landing page follows a BAF or AIDA framework in terms of marketing flow and usually presents the benefits of a product or service first along with the advantages of procuring that product or service with you and any social proof as to case studies or testimonials and reviews that others have left for your product or service.

Wrapping up a good landing page with fine print like FAQs or Terms and Conditions is a good idea as well as connecting the landing page to the product or service you are seeking to sell or the lead magnet you are using to capture emails and leads. This means connecting your new landing page to an email marketing account like MailChimp or a CRM like HubSpot is a very good idea, along with Google Analytics to help you track your specific marketing campaign's effectiveness.

The scope of work proposed here is not to exceed 1,000 words in length for a new landing page.

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