Social Media Advertising Campaign


Know your audience. Know your offer.

Leave the rest to us as we help you craft a message and ad graphic that will resonate with your target audience, tantalizing them with your irresistible offer. When crafting an advertising campaign, keep in mind the goal you wish to achieve and how you expect your target audience to realize that goal.

There are three different categories of goals when running any kind of marketing campaign:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

When seeking to build a marketing funnel, it can take several touchpoints to convert someone from a stranger to a visitor to a prospect to a lead to a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead to a sale. Just think about your own experiences and how you research and plan and then shop around before making a final decision. It's a complicated and long process, so being strategic about what you expect someone to reasonably do in response to your offer is of the utmost importance. We will help you plan and execute and then review and refine. What you buy with digital advertising is data. What you do with that data is the difference between poor campaigns and great ones.

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