Website Homepage Design


If you need a new homepage designed for your website or a current homepage redesigned, we will deliver a beautiful new design that serves both the UX demands of today's customers and UI desires of their palettes.

A homepage shouldn't be longer than 1500 words in length and should include summaries of each of your company's most important offerings as distinct sections on it like:

  • Benefits of doing business with you
  • Introduction to services and products you offer
  • A social proof section like testimonials and reviews
  • A section about your company and it's unique mission and value proposition
  • A content summary section that introduces your latest blogs or upcoming events
  • Potentially a social media feed
  • And a dynamic footer that updates with siloed content and helpful quicklinks

We will provide a Discovery Call to kickstart this project appropriately as well as a mid-term review call and final webpage review and approval call.

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