Victory Through SEO: How Patuxent Orthodontics Harnessed Local SEO to Win

Victory Through SEO: How Patuxent Orthodontics Harnessed Local SEO to Win

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It takes sample work to know where to start with SEO. 

Some even doubt its helpfulness. 

But we’re here to show you that SEO is still alive and well, making remarkable differences for many companies, small and large alike.

So, are you looking for some major motivation to exceed your goals and aim for the stars? 

Buckle up because we’ve got Patuxent Orthodontics‘ story to jump-start your inspiration!


Step #1: The Challenge

The story began in 2021 when Hit Your Mark and Patuxent Orthodontics partnered up for success. 

With that partnership came incredible results.

At the time, Patuxent Orthodontics hoped to give its website an overhaul. It had no written content or SEO optimization, with its Google rankings reflecting this status quo.

With almost no content published on the website, the website had less than 200 monthly organic visits and ranked for less than 200 keywords

Most of the keywords it ranked for fell in the 51-100 results, and only two ranked in the top three.

However, Dr. Richard Lee and his Patuxent Orthodontics team were ready to grab the bull by the horns and build a website for an enduring impact!

Organi traffic graphic


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Step #2: The Solution

To breathe life into the website, Patuxent Orthodontics and Hit Your Mark created a 3-step, long-term plan for success:

  • Creating and publishing written content (i.e., blogs).
  • Revamping the homepage to include essential information (emphasizing the footer).
  • Bolstering all the site pages with internal links.

Content Creation

To develop a successful content strategy, Hit Your Mark began publishing four monthly blogs on the Patuxent Orthodontics website. This allowed the domain to start ranking for keywords integral to its business and goals.

Each blog also included internal links that boosted the site’s rankings and user engagement. 

Homepage Overhaul

Hit Your Mark added essential information to the footer to help customers better engage with the business, including the company name, address, phone number (i.e., NAP), and logo. 

Internal Links

Hit Your Mark created a site-wide internal linking strategy that connected the domain. This approach made it easy for users to navigate the website, find answers to their questions, and trust Patuxent Orthodontics as a local and national expert.

Patuxent orthodontics website footer


Step #3: The Results

After Hit Your Mark overhauled the website, Patuxent Orthodontics started seeing the results they’d been hoping for.

The domain now ranks for 24,352 organic keywords and experiences a massive increase in organic traffic, with 44,873 monthly organic visits!

Traffic overview graphic UberSuggest



Patuxent Orthodontics now ranks for 631 top 3 keywords, a considerable increase from 2021! 

These include valuable geotargeted keywords such as: 

  • Braces in Hollywood, MD
  • Teenage Braces in Hollywood, MD
  • Adult Braces in Hollywood, MD
  • SPARK Aligners in Hollywood, MD
  • Invisalign in Hollywood, MD
  • Teeth Whitening in Hollywood, MD
  • Tooth Retainers in Hollywood, MD
  • Sleep Apnea & Snore Guards in Hollywood, MD



Through local SEO optimization and keyword-rich content, Hit Your Mark has helped Patuxent Orthodontics spread the word on Google, literally and figuratively. 

Hit Your Mark strives to aim high and take on even the most challenging targets in local SEO optimization. If you’re ready, like Patuxent Orthodontics, to surpass your goals and overcome your digital challenges, don’t hesitate to contact us today!