How to Drive Conversions with Compelling CTAs?

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How often do you think about your CTA?

Once you have it up and running, chances are you don’t give it much thought.

Until you notice it’s not producing results like you’d hoped. 

Statistics tell us how crucial CTAs are for your online business’s success. Adding a CTA to a Facebook ad can increase conversion rates by 285%!

90% of people who read your headline also read your CTA, but only 60% make it to the bottom of your page!

CTAs are essential for business owners. But what do you do when they’re not performing as you anticipated?


The Connection between Compelling CTAs and High Conversion Rates

CTAs are all about connecting customers with your marketing efforts and sales.

Even seemingly tiny tweaks to your CTA can raise conversions by 161%!

Why is this change so massive?

Your CTAs are the persuasive element of your content.

A well-written CTA will draw the visitors in and get them to click. However, a mediocre CTA won’t work any magic.

That’s why compelling CTAs have high conversion rates: They employ the necessary tools to fascinate customers and draw them in.

Let’s review some guidelines to make freakishly compelling CTAs easy to create!


Are You Crafting Your CTAs with Persuasion in Mind?

Every CTA has but one main goal—to persuade.

These three methods are great ways to add the persuasiveness factor to your CTAs:

  • Appeal to your audience: Imagine being a beauty brand creating ads that appeal only to men—a clear audience disconnect! Beauty products generally appeal to women, so you should customize your CTAs for this particular audience. This technique applies across the board—whatever business you run, your brand will attract a specific audience. Engage with them!
  • Make your CTA the spotlight of your page: Your audience must be able to quickly spot your CTA. Make it eye-catching by incorporating contrasting colors and backgrounds that keep it at the forefront of digital design.
  • Let your CTA do the work for you: Make CTAs a clear step toward the next step of your marketing plan. Simple navigation will keep your audience engaged!


What Makes a CTA Persuasive?

Understanding the human psyche is the key to customer persuasion.

People are more likely to act when faced with urgency and curiosity—or when they know what they’ll get:

  • Use language that evokes urgency: Your time-sensitive CTA might read, “RSVP today—limited spots available!” or, “Take this limited offer while it lasts!”
  • Be clear about what you’re offering your customers: People are much more likely to click on your CTA if they know what they’re getting. Don’t be afraid to be specific. For example, compare “Download now!” with “Get your free recipes today!”
  • Write your CTA in the first person: Studies show that CTAs with “my” instead of “your” converted 24.91% better. Instead of saying, “Get your free guide today!” say, “Get my free guide today!”

These three persuasion techniques will increase your CTA’s appeal to the human brain!


Using Psychological Triggers in Your CTAs

Psychology is a powerful tool for increasing your appeal to customers. Fortunately, CTAs are the best and easiest places to incorporate psychology into your marketing game: 

  • Capitalize on the fear of missing out: Potential customers fear missing opportunities, especially beneficial ones. To best capitalize on this fear, use statements that remind people how much others enjoy your products. These two CTAs show people what they’re missing: “350 people have signed up in the past 24 hours!” or “Join 1,800 others in a fabulous experience!” 
  • Make your product seem scarce: Embrace the fear of missing out by branding your product as “limited.” Listing the delivery time of your product for an order placed within the next few hours may be enough to persuade customers!


How Does CTA Placement Impact Conversion Rates?

The placement of your CTAs will affect their number of users and clicks.

You should always place your CTA prominently, but specific locations within that category can yield even better results!


What Are the Hotspots for CTA Placement on Your Website?

  • Above the fold: The fold is the section of the page you see before you scroll. Above the fold is the most common place to find CTAs, ensuring that visitors will see them immediately.
  • Below the fold: Customers who read your page and see a CTA at the bottom are likelier to click on it. If you can turn your page’s content into a story, you’ll have extra luck with this placement!
  • Below the fold with directional cues: Let page design and graphics bring the eye down to where your CTA sits!

With some A/B testing, you’ll determine which hotspot is the best for your CTA!

Call to action

Are Your CTAs Designed for Maximum Impact?

If you’re looking to maximize the power of your CTAs, you’re in the right place!

Improvement can happen in many ways, whether by incorporating smart CTAs or maximizing your appeal through wording.


How Can Color Theory Improve Your CTA Design?

Color theory and visual appeals are one way to make your CTA impactful.

Use a contrasting or bright complementary color to make the CTA the focal point of your page. 

There’s no one correct color for your CTA.

Some claim that red, orange, or green make the best CTA colors.

The reality is that your best CTA color will depend on the rest of your design.

A CTA should always stand out from the rest of the page.

You can implement bright colors, unique button styles, and bigger font sizes to achieve this effect!


A/B Testing: The Secret Sauce for Perfecting Your CTAs

Once you’ve crafted a CTA that expresses your brand personality and follows the guidelines for capturing your audience’s attention, it’s time to begin testing.

A/B testing is the best way to understand your CTA’s success rate!

Using multiple versions of your CTA, you can track data to see which CTA gets the best results.

Even once you have a successful CTA, it’s important to keep tweaking and watching your data.

Never assume there isn’t room for upward mobility!


What Are the Key Metrics to Track in CTA A/B Testing?

Once you’ve begun the A/B testing phase, it’s time to track your results. 

Follow these three key metrics to ensure your CTA’s success:

  • Click-through rates: How often do customers click on your CTA? Where do they go after that? Is your CTA encouraging the kind of clicking behavior you want? These are all questions to ask yourself when considering your click-through rate.
  • Conversion rates: Since your CTA is associated with your conversion rates, a good CTA will raise conversions. If you’re not seeing this, it’s time to reevaluate your CTA.
  • Overall engagement: How much are people engaging with your website because of your CTA? Are customers clicking on your CTA or generally leaving it alone?


Ready to Boost Conversions with Powerful CTAs?

Crafting persuasive CTAs doesn’t have to be hard. We’d love to help you increase your CTA potential and your conversion rates. With our team of marketing and graphic design experts, we have you covered from day one through A/B testing. Let us help you make your CTAs flawless!


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